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Street scrambler

Tell us about the bike

It’s a project bike, as you can probably tell, it looks like no other crux on the road. The concept was to enhance the aesthetics and give it a retro café racer look. The brief was to have a minimalist frame, and less clutter. The original bike came with fairings and a carrier as they’re designed as courier bikes.

They are supposed to have a box at the back. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately, Kenyans judge machines by how much they cost, how fast they are or how big the engine is.

This doesn’t fare well in any of those classes, after all it’s meant to be a stylish and efficient commuter bike. On the upside, it more than makes up for it with bucket-loads of style, it’s a good-looking bike from any angle.

What do you love about it?

I’ve been riding motorcycles for about four years now. I’ve ridden anything from the smallest to the biggest and fastest bikes and can, therefore, authoritatively say that no matter the bike, what matters most is what it does to you. Bringing your inner child out and putting a smile on your face.

Some people get the thrills from speed, which I do too. But with this particular bike, what you get is simplicity. You can go anywhere and not be judged, you know, like a reliable best friend.

It is in fact my best friend and it’s a simple relationship. I just hop on, put on my helmet. It’s an open face helmet so I get to feel the wind on my face and when anyone sees you, they think that you’re just a cool dude, confident and happy with your steed. It’s a simple way to have some fun.

Any drawbacks?

When it comes to the downsides, I’m a seasoned rider so I would say I’m used to riding in Nairobi and all the chaos that comes with it. With the bike specifically, if you are one of those who appreciates the finer things in life then this is not the bike for you.

This is a no frills way of commuting, like Jambo Jet. It has no technology nor gadgets, it’s just simple. This is just raw and organic. That would be a downside for some, but not for me.

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