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Richard Wambua aka MC Fortune, CEO Fortune Events

Marcella Akinyi

Why did you settle on being a wedding MC?

There is something God has given everyone and that’s “a gift”. Some people have more than one gift. I discovered in 2014 that I had the gift of relating to people and I decided to take a step and begin emceeing.

What gap did you desire to fill in the market?

I desired to bring passion to the industry. When you do what you do best out of passion, the results will be tremendous.

With so many MCs in the market, how differently do you package yourself?

I deliver. That’s all I can say. And of course, I always involve God in everything I do, so, I’m always assured that He will make my star shine. All glory be to him.

Why should a couple hire an MC as opposed to having their outspoken relative do the job?

The role of an MC/host is to keep the guests engaged, entertained and updated. With the other alternative, there’s the risk of the client messing their event, because a good MC will create a bond between your guests and act professionally without bias to any side.

How should a professional MC package themselves?

They should be flexible, creative and descent in the way they dress.

What are some of the challenges wedding MCs face in the industry?

Poor pay; some clients don’t value what we do. Secondly, some clients are choosy and only hire an MC who speaks their language, so, most of us sadly lose jobs just because we don’t speak the client’s mother tongue. Time discipline is also big challenge.

A wedding scheduled to start at 10am will start at 12 or 1pm, so, for an MC who checked in at the venue at 9am it’s time wasted. In some weddings, we experience one family wanting to be in control of everything, and as the MC, it can be a hard task to maintain calmness at the event.

What are some of the mistakes wedding MCs make?

The worst mistake an MC can commit is to make the event about him/herself. The focus should always be to satisfy the client and to ensure the guests are well engaged all through the event. I also believe as an MC, if you treasure your job, be descent.

I’m sure no client wants to hire a host who will come dressed in a short and a T-shirt on the wedding day. Another mistake is focusing too much on money. I think the trend should be, do a good delivery as a service provider, then money will flow.

What are some of the valuable lessons you’ve learnt as an MC?

Every client is important and of big value. Secondly, show a client your worth and they will respect that and buy it, and vice versa. Thirdly, let your job speak for you and lastly, don’t go your competitors way, rather stick to your lane.

What were some of the popular songs couples chose last year?

There are so many songs, the selection depends on the client, but my playlist won’t miss some Kanungo, Mukangala, Kwata Kawaya , Omundu Omulosi, kigoco, and some lingala.

Advice to upcoming MCs?

Good things take time, so, be patient and wait for God’s time. The industry is so big, so, everyone will get something at the end of the day, but remember a client will always buy quality.

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