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Lounging at the Phoenicia

As we approached my friend’s graduation, we were seeking out potential places to take her out for a mini weekend outing. A number of destinations were put on the table, a few made the final cut, but in the end, it was Kiambu. There’s something about this place.

If you don’t know by now, partygoers are ditching the famous Lang’ata and Westlands hangout joints for other less crowded areas. There are different places along Kiambu road that are cashing in on the CBD exodus.

Well, before we even set foot in Kiambu County, my reasons for going were very clear. I wanted a different experience. I mean, we wanted to experience a place that was seemingly untouched and wasn’t as populated as the CBD. More importantly, the idea was to have fun in celebration of our friend’s milestone.

After a night out at the Whiskey River, we got to Phoenicia late on a Friday night. We stopped at the Ridgeway’s mall for some supplies for the night. A few minutes later, our cab arrived. We were not sure exactly where the Phoenicia was, plus it was late. My friend needed a drink and we asked our driver to detour to any convenient place we could buy tipple.

No liquor store was open at that time, so we had to order from a club.  Rocks Bar and Grill, formerly Jikoni’s, just next to Whiskey River, was also all packed up. I could understand why. The DJ had some good music blaring through the speakers.

Our ride took like 10 minutes to Phoenicia.  It is along Mushroom Road, Kiambu. It was eerily quiet in contrast to the club scene we’d just left. The receptionist, Mary was friendly. The good thing with the hotel is that you can simply walk in without booking, and they also take cash. 

The hotel is relatively new. I loved the fresh feeling of the design and the quality components. Everything seemed to be of high quality. The reception area had an urban setting and décor to it with plush leather seats for guests.

We took a double bed, which impressed by its generous size. The twin beds were all queen size. There was also a dressing table, coffee maker and a flat screen TV.  I was particularly impressed by the bed linens, which felt premium and cosy. The room has a simple design, and the pastel colours worked really well.  For some reason, the place really suited my tastes.  Straight lines and symmetry make me happy.

The bathroom was fairly standard and fit a lot into a small area. The spacious shower stall was practically in size to the rest of the walking space in the bathroom.

You also get complimentary shower gels and lotions. The headboard beside the bed was brown in colour, which blended well with the bright cream room colour. Little things like a good WiFi, and coffee machine can make your stay worthwhile. A standard room goes for Sh8,000.

The next morning, we used the day to just relax. Mostly by the large pool, with cool rejuvenating water. We mingled with a few locals who had come for a swim and had our own Kenyan cuisine.  Lunch was served at the Phoenicia restaurant.

There is also the Golden Fork Restaurant for coffee and other beverages. The chicken in a basket with fries servings was amazing and went for a reasonable Sh600.  Best, however, were the chocolate dipped mango slices. They were perfect and a new taste that I can’t forget thanks to Phoenicia!

The same evening we headed for a night out. Same place we had gone. Whiskey River. The partying there is real. The place extends to the outside with chairs and screens everywhere. By the time we got there, it was jam-packed.

That Sunday was spent lazing about in the room until we glanced out the window and into the delicately manicured gardens. After a night of partying, they were a welcoming sight with natural green vibes. According to the manager, they are available to hire out for wedding receptions, parties and the like. There is also a kids area with bouncing castles and pony rides where parents can take their kids to enjoy on a weekend.

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