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Dessert in this desert

“I always wanted to be a journalist growing up,” Dari Restaurant’s pastry chef Robert Ouko informs us with a chuckle. “But, I also always loved cooking, eating and anything to do with food.” He fondly reminisces how he would help his mother out in the kitchen as a young child, a task he is still more than happy to do to date.

Chef Robert has a healthy love for sweets and pizzas and has been in the industry for more than eight years, one of which has been spent at Dari. He has also worked at Hemingways Nairobi after schooling at Utalii College.

He informs us of his constant love for expressing himself, which could have as easily manifested itself as a journalist as it does in his creations as a pizza and pastry chef. He makes us a tiramisu dessert, which is as decadent and sumptuous as it is beautiful. Robert is my kindred spirit; he loves dessert, to make it, while I love consuming it.

Dessert for me is the most important course in any meal. In fact, it is the only part I truly enjoy. I have an extremely sweet tooth and then some.

I believe that no meal is ever complete without dessert. I also believe that it is Njaanuary and dessert (even when it is not January) is more of a luxury than necessity. But, I think that that needs to change.

Dessert needs to reclaim its spot on the course menu, even if it will still come last. Also, we all need to move past that stage of  ‘oh, it’s January, I’m broke’ and ‘it is mid-month, give me a loan’. We can plan better and make sure our finances are spread out wisely enough to accommodate January, mid-month and dessert.

So, here is the simple and affordable recipe we got from Chef Robert, and you can try it out at home. May your January be as sweet as this savoury treat was. It better be sweet, ‘cause it will definitely be 87 days long.


Fresh cream

Finger biscuits

Coffee liqueur

Cocoa powder, chocolate flakes, halved strawberry for garnishing.


Cut the biscuits into small pieces and put them into some coffee liqueur. Leave them to soak up the liqueur for between five and 10 minutes.

Put the biscuits in a serving glass.

Layer them with fresh cream till the glass is full.

Top it off with cocoa powder.

Garnish with chocolate flakes and the halved strawberry.


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