Kuria denies quit claims, says life in danger

Controversy-loving Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria yesterday claimed his life is in danger, even as he denied claims that he had resigned as MP.

He told a press conference he had shared with the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti vital information to assist in investigations.

“I trust that this will put to an end the subtle and not too subtle threats to my life from opportunists, details of which I have shared with Kinoti who is doing everything possible to investigate the same,” he told a press conference at Parliament Buildings.

Minutes before his statement, rumours were rife he had resigned as Gatundu South MP, which he denied.

The death threat claim was part of a series of melodramatic events he kicked off on New Year’s Eve when he claimed the Mt Kenya region had been marginalised by the Jubilee administration despite having overwhelmingly voted for it and President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 and 2017 elections.

He later apologised, but not before he came under heavy criticism over his remarks. On Monday, President Uhuru told him off, saying he is President for all Kenyans. Uhuru said Jubilee was committed to serving all Kenyans regardless of where he (President) hailed from.

Uhuru’s reaction has kicked off a series of press conferences by elected and non-elected leaders from Mt Kenya region, who have come out to criticise Kuria.

On Wednesday, the MP sent a note to media houses that he would be holding a press conference but later called it off under unclear circumstances.

Revive careers

When he finally held one yesterday, speculation was that he intended to resign but instead, he claimed his life is in danger and accused his critics of trying to drive a wedge between him and the President.

“Whereas I have no problem with politicians taking the opportunity to revive their dead or collapsing political careers, I am troubled that they are doing it in a manner that is designed to create a rift between myself and the President,’’ he said.

He added that he was happy that politicians who had misconceived his position on development in Mt Kenya region had now moved to revive their dwindling political careers.

“The likes of Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth and others have now realised that President Uhuru, the man they used to despise, is the right leader for the country,’’ said Kuria.

He also defended himself over the allegations that he was opposed to the Building Bridges Initiative and the handshake.

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