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Meet Noles Juma, Chef

What’s your last supper meal, your death row meal?


The best thing about being a chef?

You are your own master and each day is a challenge for perfection.

What is your funniest kitchen incident?

I once used ajinomoto (a kind of spice) instead of sugar while making my boss’s tea.

What do you like to eat and cook while at home?

Ugali and sukuma or fish.

Who in the food world do you admire most?

Chef Rachael Ray internationally, Chef Rafael locally.

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

My grandmother was a cook who specialised in Indian Cuisine. By then I was working as a waiter and one morning the manager came and told me to go and work in the kitchen as a steward (washing dishes and cleaning the flour). I went and after one month I mastered how to make chapati and the journey started from there.

Worst foods that you just dislike?

Njahi. The smell, while it cooks, is such a turn-off.

Best kitchen equipment and gadget?

Almost every equipment in the kitchen is important, but I will go for the microwave and wall clock.

Is best cooking tip for a novice just getting into the business?

Have confidence in yourself and knowledge of what you want to do.

Worst advice you ever received while venturing into cookery?

Quit and focus on something else.

Lowest moment in your career?

After I lost from my first job.

Do you have any favourite wine or drink to accompany your food?

Red wine or Guinness.

How and where do you get your inspiration?

Through life, by reading the Bible and reading a lot about famous people who started from humble backgrounds.

What is your next big thing in the food world?

Having my own cookery show.

Best thing you love about your job?

It has no age limit.

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