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Health and fitness apps to adopt this year

At the onset of a New Year, health and wellness feature as some of the most popular resolutions. But we all know how it goes: We start January with great resolve and high energy, but as the New Year’s novelty wanes off, we slip back to our old ways. With a little help from smartphones, however, things can be different this year. As Evelyn Makena writes, here are some apps that will help you take control of your health in 2019

1. Water drink reminder

Many health concerns can be sorted through hydration. Drinking water helps flush out toxins, promotes weight loss, boosts immunity, regulates body temperature and prevents headaches. This app sets a recommended water intake based on your weight and gives you reminders to sip some aqua. The app provides graphs and logs of your schedule to track your progress.

2. My fitness pal

If you are keen on tracking your food consumption caloric and vital minerals intake on your diet, then myfitnesspal will do that for you with great precision. The app helps users keen on losing, gaining or maintaining weight achieve their goals by making them more aware of their diet. One useful feature of the app is a huge database of foods and drinks so that users can log in what they eat and find out the details of the nutritional content.

3. Google Fit

Exercising without a way of tracking the progress can dampen motivation. A Google app developed with input from the World Health Organisation and American Heart Association scores highly in tracking physical activities.

Google Fit relies on sensors on a user’s Android phone or a Google smartwatch to record the speed, pace and duration of the workout. Getting real-time statistics for every time you take the stairs, walk, run, bike ride offers motivation to keep making healthy changes.

4. Home work-out- No equipment

Who said that you have to go to the gym to get fit?  Home workout offers you the flexibility to work out in a familiar environment by providing detailed fitness videos and animation guides. Every workout is designed by experts and focused on specific body parts like the chest, abs, legs and also has full body workouts. The bonus is that no exercise requires equipment thus can be done from home. Inclusive in the app, are a warm-up and stretching routines, workout reminders and progress reports.

5. Pacifica

A walk in the forest or in the beach while in the middle of beating deadlines and getting tasks done in the office is a welcome distraction. While this may not be physically viable in the midst of work pressures, it is virtually possible.

Pacifica app offers one a chance to momentarily escape anxiety-inducing environments by offering relaxing landscapes and meditations to enhance your mood. With Pacifica, you can listen to the birds, watch a sunset, and retreat into an island all within the comfort of your desk. 

6. My Dawa app

My Dawa app makes it possible to get a wide range of medicine, supplements, hygiene and beauty products at your doorstep without the hustle of going to a chemist or a shop. For prescription only medicine, a user needs to scan a photo of the prescription to get the medicine from My Dawa pharmacists.

Delivery of the medicine is done within four hours upon ordering. What’s more, users can order products they may be embarrassed to buy over the counter through the app since it guarantees a high level of privacy.

7. Flo period tracker

A ruined day, unplanned pregnancy or embarrassing moments are some few worst-case scenarios when tracking the menstrual cycle is left to chance. But with Flo period tracker, this year can have less of surprises and inconveniences that come with unexpected periods.

The app helps users plan by predicting when the next period is likely to start. It’s also useful for those using a natural form of contraception as it helps to map out the safe days and days of ovulation. Whether it’s taking charge of your fertility or knowing when to have the painkillers ready, Flo takes away guesswork from menstruation.

8. Sleep cycle alarm clock.

How blissful it would be to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. A scenario where snoozing alarms would be a forgotten thing. Since that can sometimes prove to be a bit of a long shot, we all could use some help from sleep cycle alarm clock.

The app measures your sleep cycle, tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep state. Generally, there are five stages of sleep with each of them causing a different reaction to the body. The app relies on these body reactions to wake you softly when you are in your lightest sleep state often 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

9. Endomondo

The effects of cardio exercises such as runs walks, rides can be difficult to track. Endomondo allows you to set a goal for your cardio exercises and a virtual trainer on the app helps you see if you are achieving them or whether you need to speed up. GPS tracking of your workout and analysis of performance is a great way to compete against yourself and reach your fitness targets.

10. 30-day fitness challenge

Let’s face it. Maintaining consistency when working out from home can prove elusive. On some days, regular routines get boring and then on other days you simply want to work-out, but are clueless about what exercise to do. But with 30-day-fitness challenge workout, it’s easy to stick with daily workouts.

Video guides designed by a professional fitness coach make fitness a breeze. Besides, this app can synchronize with data on burned calories on Google Fit. Workout intensity increases as the days lapse giving one room to adjust.

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