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Agony tackling my 9-year-old sex question

My eldest daughter, quickly went through all her new text books. I noticed her keen interest in the science book, but assumed it to be random interest. Seemingly disappointed, she picked up the Targeter, a revision work book, and quickly sifted through it.

Finally, with a heavy sigh, she placed it down and grabbed at the clear book covers. “Ready to join me now?” I wanted to ask what she was looking for, but decided against it. If the urge is bad enough, she will ask.

The big question

We were done in about an hour and with all books neatly packed, I asked her if there was anything else she needed from me. “No mum, thanks! To this day, I haven’t seen anyone cover books so neatly!” I smiled, and the memory of my strict father inspecting my covered books came to mind.

The ear tagging when he caught a fold longer than the book’s edge made me wince back to reality. I was back in time for my daughter’s question.

“Mum,” she began, “When did you say you’d teach me about sex?” I glared up at her and then quickly back down, secretly hoping she missed my reaction.

“Oh, that,” I had to make it sound as casual as I could. “This is the year.” And when I finally managed to look straight in her face, I said, “We’ll teach you.”

An even bigger question

“We?” she probed. “Well, yes!” I explained. “Your Sunday school teachers, your school teacher and your dad and I.” She looked away. “We won’t learn it at school this year, that’s for sure.” 

“How do you know? Wait, was that what you were looking for from your science book?” She nodded and my jaw dropped. “Yes, the science section in the Targeter doesn’t have it either.” Gasp! Meanwhile, five-year-old Raine sat quietly, pretending to be invisible.

Out of nowhere, she asked, “Mum, what is sex?” I wanted to scream in frustration, but then realised she may have heard it from Pesh just a few minutes back.

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