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Dj Crème, the family man

For popular DJ Crème de la Crème, his wife and two children come first. He lets us in on matters fatherhood, having a supportive wife as well as future plans

To the world, many know DJ Crème de la Crème as a celebrated Disk Jockey famed for his mastery in dance music mix. What many don’t know, is that DJ Crème,  born George Njuguna, who you will never miss in some of the industry’s big entertainment gigs in his capacity as a producer, a music mogul or a music executive, is a family man, a husband and a father of two. “My family comes first in everything that I do,” he says.

Balancing act

How does one achieve so much in so many different fields, and still maintain a stable family, you may ask. Well, he says that it’s all about  striking a fair balancing and proper management to everything that revolves around him. In fact, he reveals  he anchors his life on pillars such as respect, inspiration and fatherhood.

That he adores his children is evident in the way he talks about them on his social media pages. He can’t seem to stop posting pictures of his two kids; Jamari and Zawadi on his social media platforms where he describes them as his little angels sent by God.

“My son Jamari who is five years old is quite different. He is such a geek, is into gadgets and technology. He prefers to be on his laptop or phone doing his own stuff,” he says.

As of his daughter Zawadi who would be turning four this year, he says that she is into music. “She is a big fan of Naiboi, a musician, and they are good friends. When I am producing music, she goes ahead and works on a few basic things for me such as turning up the volume faders or switching on the volume,” he says.

So, are the children into deejaying like their father? “Maybe sometimes later I will introduce them into deejaying, but for now, they are allowed to mess around with my decks,” DJ Crème adds.

He has further taught the children to speak their own minds and he believes in empowering them by letting them make their own decisions and learning from them.

However, even though he enjoys fatherhood, he says that he misses his alone time. “My children are so noisy and are a handful sometimes. It comes with the term being a father though,” he says.

But as they all say, behind every successful man’s story is a woman, in this case, Denise Njuguna. In fact, the two dated for years before they got famous.

“I met my wife on the second day after joining Code Red deejays back in 2007 at Roasters Thika Road. She had come for swimming and unfortunately or fortunately she was dating. In short, I was in the bro zone, but I never gave up. See where we are now,” he laughs.

Lowest moment

Dee, as he prefers to call her, has supported him throughout his career and even weathered controversy or two. It has not always been a walk in the park. He describes the year when his sex tape was released back in 2016 as his lowest moment.

“I think by now everybody knows my crazy scandal, it was madness, but the most powerful lesson I learnt was forgiveness, which I got from my wife. I kept a blind eye and a deaf ear to what people said,” he recalls.

According to DJ Crème, communication is key in any relationship as public pressure tends to be real. “For us to avoid such, we usually have our alone time without the children by taking evening walks or just going out for dinner. That way, we open up to each other and talk,” he reveals.

Despite Crème’s lifestyle, which is parked with parties, celebrities and bottles of sparkling champagne he is ready to introduce something new to his audience.

“My family is starting something this coming year. I can’t say much, but the public and fans will have unlimited access to our lifestyle and daily life,” he says.

He has also released his clothing company known as Esko. At first, Esko came as a watch idea, but later turned it into a clothing company. “I thank my wife because she played a big part in helping me make certain decisions. Esko is now a clothing brand which I hope will reach every child and parent out there,” he says.

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