CRA budget cutback ‘grounds county plans’

Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) and Treasury slashed a significant amount of money from various vote heads, leaving counties financially starved.

Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri said his county had Sh600 million slashed, forcing them to scale down funding for various projects.

He said Kirinyaga’s bursary allocation was Sh70 million but was reduced to Sh40 million. He asked area MCAs to acquaint themselves with the change.

Last week, the MCAs claimed the county government had diverted the bursary funds to other projects. Ndambiri told the ward reps there were proper structures and guidelines set to govern how the fund is disbursed to deserving learners.

“Bursary fund is meant to benefit bright but needy children in the society but we have seen in the past, children whose parents have means of paying fees being allocated money from the fund, which is not only illegal but also immoral,” he said.

Speaking at Full Gospel Churches of Kenya centre near Kerugoya town after Sunday service, he urged MCAs to stop politicising the fund because the amount available can only cater for a few students.

“I’m aware of some words with more than 2,000 applicants but can the Sh40 million meant for this purpose be enough for all the applicants in the 20 wards?’’ he asked.

The church Bishop Joshua Kiongo asked parents to ignore the MCAs’ sentiments on the fund because they were only trying to make political capital out of the situation.

Ndambiri also ruled out speculations that the County Assembly had fallen out of favour with the county government, saying the ongoing talks over the fund are part of the existing democratic space for anyone to express him/herself.

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