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City hopping on a budget

The new year is upon us and with it the empty pockets  typical of january. However this doesn’t meant that it’s all work and no play. In a recent Facebook post, someone asked where one could have an amazing time in Nairobi for Sh1,000.

Back in the day, Uhuru Park was the go to place, where kids would enjoy face painting, horse riding and boat rides. But it’s not for everyone. Here are a few more ideas that won’t break the bank.

Ostrich riding at Masaai Ostrich Farm

Fare to Kitengela is about Sh100 while the entrance fee is just Sh300. Here one can learn all about the ostriches and if you’re up to it, even ride one! This is an amazing place where families and lovers can enjoy feeding the flightless birds, leisure walks and if you’re lucky, catch them mating. How can one forget such a unique and interesting experience?

Take a tour at Karen Blixen Museum

If you are a history lover and would just like to know more about people and some bits of Kenyan history, why not visit the Karen Blixen Museum and learn all about this amazing woman? Built in 1912, Karen Blixen Museum was home to Danish author, poet and artist- Karen Blixen.

Her story was documented in the Oscar Award-winning film ‘Out of Africa’, which was based on Karen’s autobiography by the same title. The then farmhouse was established as a museum in 1986 by the National Museums of Kenya.

The Museum is open every day between 9:30 and 6 pm, including weekends and public holidays. Once there, a guide will take you round the house, which features rooms designed in both the original decor and with props from the Out of Africa Film.

In addition, the grounds, which feature original equipment from the coffee farm, are available for touring. Entrance fee is just Sh200 and the fare, well, its just Sh100 to Karen from the CBD.

Watch a movie

Well well, in this era of binge watching TV series and all, why not try out something different like watching a blockbuster movie on a 3D screen? This can work for couples, or if you a loner, you can treat yourself to a movie. At IMAX, between 200-300 shillings, you can watch a recent release and there are usually some offers this time of the year.

Hiking Karura Forest

For just 100 shillings, you have entry to the breathtaking, almost magical scenery in the heart of the city! If you are a group, just carry a few snacks and drinks from home, a blanket and comfortable walking shoes and voila, you have an amazing bonding experience! What’s Christmas for if not bonding with family and loved ones? You can also do cycling for fitness buffs, or hike to the waterfall to the accompaniment of birdsong.

Kenya Regiment Rifle Club (KRRC)

If you love the allure of guns, then maybe you should check out this place, situated at the Sailing Club in Langata.  With just 500 shillings, one gets three bull’s-eyes and 30 rounds of bullets.

You will be given the necessary gear like earmuffs to protect you from the loud sound of the guns going off.  You don’t have to worry if you are an amateur as one is always assigned an instructor to teach you the ropes. This is an inexpensive yet exciting activity.

Diguna High Ropes Challenge

You are not disadvantaged if you are an adventure lover and you are in Nairobi during Christmas. Situated in Rongai, Diguna High Ropes Challenge is a great spot for group activities at just 150 shillings per person.

Just board matatu number 125/126 and alight at Maasai Lodge stage. As the name suggests, the high ropes challenge, is a course with a series of high ropes that you must navigate to finish.

Get closer to nature

There are various places where you can check out animals in Nairobi within budget. One can visit mamba village and watch the caretakers feed the humongous crocodiles, then take a walk at the snake park. You can also visit the Giraffe Centre and learn more about the endangered Rothschild Giraffe.

As a mwananchi, this will only set you back Sh500 as entrance fee to these places. If you love Elephants, visit David Sheldrick to see the cute baby Elephants. It costs Sh500 per person and the money goes towards the upkeep of these vulnerable orphaned baby elephants.

Eat your heart out

If you’re a foodie you can enjoy nyama choma at the Olepolos Country Club, Jiweke Tavern or the Kamakis. If you are a fan of West African food, try out Mama Ashanti for some Fufu, Okra vegetable soup or even Jollof rice. At Paleo Grill, a sandwich with fries is just Sh35,while at Swahili Plate; a plate of fried beef with rice is just Sh400.

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