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Setting family goals for the New Year

For many of us, it’s that time to take stock of our lives, writing down individual and collective resolutions. Having a target as a family ensures success in marriage and life in general. We look at action plans some have planned to undertake

Grace Wachira @yaa_grace

It’s that time of the year again and people are setting goals for 2019. They are penning their personal goals down and mapping them out on sticky notes stuck by their beds or desks.

Even then, families too are having round-table discussions about how to live this year whilst some parents already had closed-door meetings. We take a look at some resolutions families make as a unit.

Moving houses

For a long time Peninah Waiguru and her family have been living in Nairobi’s Pangani estate. But in the New Year, she and her husband have decided to make good their dream. “When we got married, we moved into a two-bedroomed house in Pangani.

Now that we have our two children who are in upper primary school, we have decided to move into our own house,” she smiles. Having saved up and developed their piece of land in Ruai for the past two years, the family starts their year with a new resolve, to start the next phase of their lives in their four-bedroom house.

While some families move into their own property, there are those that will move into bigger spaces as part of New Year’s resolution. Others intend to redecorate their houses or buy new furniture.

A new set of wheels

This is definitely something families aspire to do and what better time to replace a car or purchase one than at the beginning of a new year. Having raised their three children and relying on friends, family and even cabs to run their family errands, George Bosibori has purposed to get his family a car.

“I love that my wife has been understanding. We have had to use public means at times to rush to hospital or forego trips and outings because we do not have a car,” he says.

All the same, George is confident he and his family would continue to enjoy quality time away from home once he gets them their own ride. “It is something my children long for and talk about and my wife and I are ready to add onto our responsibilities,” he says.

Changing schools

This may sound a bit cliché, but numerous families across the world always have a change of schools as part of their New Year agenda. It could be that children are done with kindergarten and now need to attend primary school. Or a school has not been as forthcoming as far as performance is concerned.

Or finances have factored in and they need to go to a more affordable school or a better school. Some are ready to join high school or college. “We already went for the interviews early December last year and my children were accepted to their new school,” beams Sophia Auko, a mother of two who resides in Nairobi.

It is something she has always wanted and now, the single mother will have her children admitted to a prestigious school she had longed for her children to study in.

Lay off the help

Laying of the house help is a big decision. It calls for some major adjustments. “My children are now young adults. They don’t like being called teenies,” Felister Wanja laughs.

“They are of age now. We needed the help when they couldn’t do their laundry and to help keep the house clean,” she says. But now, her teenagers can do the laundry themselves and have made good attempts at preparing dinner. I know the idea of not having their auntie will not be welcomed, but they will accept it with time. Their father and I need them to be responsible.

We will just get them their own sets of house keys and a meal timetable. Even we as their parents will have to adjust, we will need to schedule when to do tasks that were previously carried out by her. She was great at her job so, we will miss her,” she says. Felister is also excited that it will save the household some money.


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