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Wedding Bells at Scotchies

The party life can take you to places you never imagined, especially during Drinkcember. One minute you’re on Langata road, the next thing you know you’re on your way to Naivasha, just for the rave. I caught the impromptu “let’s go bug” the other day and found myself at the famous street on Kiambu road. Keep in mind I happen to live on the other side of town.

Not my typical plan for the night but I ended up at a friend’s wedding reception party at the Ridgeways Mall. A club called Scotchies, Yes I finally got that right, I kept on calling it Sukies or Soukies to my friends’ amusement.

I hadn’t been to Ridgeways Mall before, but I never even imagined there’d be a club at this Mall, let alone a name I hadn’t heard of. I figured the owner loves Scotch so much that he opted for the easy way out and named it just that.

The club is on the ground floor, a corner away from the drive-through at the entrance. It has sitting areas both inside and outside, which were enough for a wedding party. I loved the mature crowd but the club could have been a bit bigger. There was no dance floor, but the music was lit enough to keep us on our feet. I sat next to familiar faces and ordered a drink.

Funny, the waiter never brought the drink I ordered.  So after like 30 minutes, I figured maybe they were a little overwhelmed. I settled on another waiter who then brought the drink after some 20 minutes. So what would take them so long, despite the order bay being four steps away from where I was sitting?

The club has a mature crowd. Not your ordinary “young yengs”, that scream “that’s my song” to every song. They look like people who left their comfortable homes for a drink up with their close buddies. My observation, approximately 70 per cent of the crowd were men. So the people who were dancing the most were the guests to the newlyweds. This seemed odd to the regulars who seemingly stared in disbelief.

Scotchies is located at the mall, so you are guaranteed ample secure parking. The drinks are also pocket-friendly. Local beers go for Sh300 while Imported beers go for Sh400.  If I’m to rate this club, on the scale of 10/I would probably give it a strong 7.

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