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FIFA finances plan to roll out pilot projects across the country

Viden Ochieng @PeopleSport11

World football governing body (FIFA) has pumped in Sh100 million for the implementation plan of the FIFA pilot project for grassroots women football development in Kenya.

The project encompasses different phases of training which include coaching courses which were conducted in the Coastal region, Nairobi and Kisumu and referees training in Meru, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Chief Executive Officer Robert Muthomi revealed yesterday.

The pilot is scheduled to run for the at least one year and according to Muthomi, FIFA gave out Sh 100 million to facilitate this project which includes referees and women coaches training at the grassroots.

He said the aim of the project is to increase the number of women playing football as well as increasing women coaches and administration in the country football.

Muthomi regretted that Kenya only has only one elite female referee in the Country. FIFA is targeting Sh 60 million women footballers by 2026 and Kenya is the first country  selected  in Africa for the programme,” said Muthomi.

Kenya was the only Africa country for the implementation project that seek to develop women playing football at the grassroots, especially in schools and villages.

He challenged women to work hard in their respective regions to help the Federation build women football from the grassroots to the national apex to make the country dominant in women football.

He said FKF in collaboration with SportPesa will train about 50 coaches across the 10 branches. Ten slots for the training, Muthomi said have been reserved for women in the yet-to-be-launched project  next year.

The 10 selected coaches will be attached to three English Premier League (EPL) cubs sponsored by SportPesa such as Arsenal, Everton and Hull City.

“The fund is used to facilitate monitoring, evaluation and training of both participants and purchase of required equipment”, said Muthomi.

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