NLC postpones verdict on Ruto hotel land ownership

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The National Land Commission (NLC) yesterday postponed its decision on the ownership of the land on which Weston Hotel,   associated with Deputy President William Ruto, sits.

But sources within the commission said though the decision on  the hotel is ready, the commissioners agreed to have the vote taken on the last week of their term.

It was understood that the commissioners, led by vice chair Abigael Mbagaya agreed to make their decision either on February 12 or 13, six days before their term ends.

Fly out

The sources, who spoke on condition that we do not name them, revealed that some of the commissioners were uncomfortable about making the decision now and would prefer that the verdict is rendered towards the end of their tenure.

“The commissioners met today. They agreed to have the decision postponed till the week beginning February 12 so that it can coincide with the week their contract expires,” said the source.

Other sources said the meeting attended by commissioner Mbagaya, Rose Musyoka, Abdulkadir Khalif, Clement Lenachuru, Emma Muthoni Njogu, Samuel Tororei, Silas Kinoti and Tomiik Konyimbih, could not reach a verdict because some of the commissioners were undecided.

The meeting is said to have split into two factions that saw some of the commissioners pushing for revocation of the Weston Hotel title deed and have the land revert to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) while another faction pushed for compensation as a way out.

“There is no consensus and therefore no conclusive decision  has been reached. Some commissioners want more time to make up their mind on the issue,” the source told People DailyIn October, Ruto defended his acquisition of the land on Lang’ata Road, saying he had bought it legitimately.

Land transaction

Through lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Ruto denied irregularly acquiring the land, saying no one had claimed the property since he acquired it and that even during the hotel’s construction he did not receive any complaint from the State or any individual.

He said he bought the land in 2007 for Sh10 million from its registered owners, Priority Management Ltd and Monene Investments Limited.

However, KCAA Managing Director has been on record saying the land has always belonged to the State agency.

The Survey Plan Folio Number 198 and Register Number 169 was registered on January 31, 1990, and showed that the land belonged to the Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Other records by KCAA shows the 0.773ha plot L.R. No. 209/14372, opposite Wilson Airport on Lang’ata Road, was formerly the site of the KCAA central stores.

Other records by KCAA shows the 0.773ha plot L.R. No. 209/14372, opposite Wilson Airport on Langata Road, was formerly the site of the KCAA central stores.

Auditor General Edward Ouko’s report for the year ending June 30, 2016, showed that the Public Investment Committee had referred the Weston transfer to the National Land Commission for investigation with a view to restitution.quis maximinus.

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