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New Year beckoning, celebrities in Kenyan showbiz still on traditions

With Christmas just three days away and the New Year beckoning at the corner, celebrities in Kenyan showbiz are still keeping to the traditions. Chebet Korir speaks to some of them to find out their plans for the holidays

DJ Crème

The mix master will be hitting the road with his family to Kenya’s South Coast, Diani to be specific. “It will, however, be a polite hangout just for the four of us. My wife loves to travel and I am sure this will be a perfect plan for her.

In fact, we are planning to start something fabulous with my family this coming year and this will be the best way to unwind before 2019 checks in. I cannot say much about it though, but the public and fans will have unlimited access to our daily lifestyle,” he says.

Cate Rira

It will be all about family for the sassy radio host. She says: “I will be tucked away with family making memories before ‘Njaanuary’ starts. Christmas is all about family whether big or small, it’s essential.”

Shaq The Youngin

For the young and trendy radio presenter, Mombasa is his ideal destination this Christmas. He says: “I will be in Mombasa this Christmas working on the NRG Radio end year parties. Sadly, I will not be with family, but from 26th to 31st it will be a lit Wasafi Festival,” says Shaq.

DJ Sadic

“I always spend at least a day during the festive season with the less fortunate. My team and I are still planning on where to go.” Who knew the gospel ‘mix genius’ was also a philanthropist?


The one third of rap group P-Unit is all about getting the paper and stocking up the mullah for the dry season. He imitates: “I usually do not do much in December because there are too much gigs to perform in. So, I enjoy my time in January. However, I will try to squeeze in some time for my family. The family matters a lot.”

Nasty Bull

The BMG Empire don is taking some time off his busy schedules from music production and management to enjoy some precious time with his family. “I am getting back to my roots this Christmas to relax with family. I actually plan to switch off my mobile phone for two days so that I can have opportune and quality time to bond and have good uninterrupted time with my fam,” says Nasty.

Collins Mutindi

Known for his work in producing music videos friendly for the hearing-impaired, the artiste and talent manager plans to spend his holidays with the less fortunate in the society. “We are planning to visit children homes then we ‘Tembea Kenya’. We could be all busy as a family, but I always make sure during the holidays, especially Christmas, I calendar them in so that I do not regret later. Also my wife’s birthday is on the 25th and most definitely I will have to surprise her. She is a lover of surprises.”

Sauti Sol

This Christmas, it will all be about raking in some dough for the Afro pop boy ensemble. “We will be at Diani for the Diani Festival. It’s all about good vibes, good music, drinks and the beach of course. What better way to start the New Year?” says Savara Mudigi.

MC Kevatin

For comedian popularly known as Shaniqwa, he can’t wait for the arrival of his baby. “We are expecting our first child any time from now, so I will be taking time off to concentrate on the birth of my child and family. I also cut ties with my former TV station for sometime, so no work for me this festive period. Kuchafua tu!


For rapper Sosuun, spending quality time with family is top of her list this Christmas. “Big family party is what we are planning. Kuchinja mbuzi is the ultimate plan.”

Jacky B

The music producer will be working throughout the period! Reason? “I had planned a gateway experience for my family in Zanzibar, but unfortunately, we will not be flying out. I have a government project that I have to finish before January 1. With fingers crossed though, I hope things work out just well for me.”

DJ Nruff

The deejay isn’t playing rough this Christmas. “I will be sharing a meal with family at my big brother’s house, then embark on work later on.

MC Pointblank

For the illustrator, animator and emcee, spending time with dad and mum always feels great. “Almost every year, I am able to have a Christmas brunch with the family. It’s always awesome when my siblings and their families come together. I can’t wait to hear mum and dad getting referred with their first names.

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