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Betty Barae, head of key accounts management at Access Kenya

Faith Chebet @chebetkorir

Best thing about being Kenyan?

Our diversity of people and talent has enabled us be recognised on the global map, thus makes global engagement easier. Kenyans are also a comical lot. We find fun out of any situation.

One thing that many people do not know about you?

I get nervous when speaking to a large crowd.

Biggest misconception people have about you?

That I am harsh and can be a bully.

Memorable country you have ever been to? 

Spain. The country bursts with life in summer. It also has a rich Christian history.

Sweetest act anyone has ever done for you?

A friend shared a meal when I had no money for food.

Worst hotel experience? 

Being denied sausages at breakfast only for a mzungu to be served some right after me.

What’s your favourite restaurant in town?  

Java House. The quality of food is the same regardless of the branch or country.

Best place you have ever visited in Nairobi? 

Nairobi National Park. You get to appreciate God’s amazing wildlife first hand.

Worst advice you have ever received? 

It doesn’t matter what course you take as a first degree. Seriously, how then do you regain four lost years?

Best childhood memories? 

Climbing up mango trees, eating the mangoes straight from the tree and climbing down only when full. Also had moments of dufo mpararo (swimming in muddy waters) when we would go to fetch water from the river.

Worst habits? 

Finding any excuse to have cake. (It’s all gone to the hips)

Best way to relax?

Sun bathing on a clean beach.

Hardest decision you ever made?  

Letting go of an employee.   

Craziest rumour you ever heard about yourself?

That I’m married to a mzungu.

Best advice you ever got?

Invest early; save before you spend; have children when you are still young.

Lowest moment in life?

My mum being so unwell. At some point she was hospitalised for a while. Having to watch her go through so much pain, yet I couldn’t do much to ease her burden that broke my heart.

What is your best physical feature?

My mouth. It has produced words that have enabled me dine with kings.

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