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Veteran coach Openda rues hockey rule for frustrating semi-final result

Nine-time Africa Cup for Club Championships (ACCC) title holders Telkom secured a finals slot after beating Kada Queens 1-0 in a frustrating match in Accra, Ghana yesterday.

Telkom coach Jos Openda who was altogether glad they walked away with maximum points with a match to spare against the defending champions Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) today.

The final pool match will also determine whether the defending champions will play Telkom in the finals should they win making it a must win for the defending champs who thrashed Delta 7-0 in their fourth clash.

Telkom head coach Openda blames their opponent frustrating play alongside absence of a common 23-yard foul rule for failure to employ their ‘A game’ in the -0 win over Kada Queens. Telkom secured the win in the 47th minute off a penalty shot in by scoring machine Audrey Omaido.

“There is a rule that is very common; when you get the ball in the 23 or 25 yard and a player decides to break the play you get a short corner immediately – it is no longer here in Abuja yet that is the play we are using from Kenya so it is kind of disenfranchising us and they use it so much that each and every time that happens we know we are going to get a short corner and we are going to convert but we played like this continually.

When you notice the way they are playing I have never seen people who play defence when they have the ball. So our players movement was restricted – it was some funny kind of hockey they were playing, they have the ball, they have the possession but they are marking our players,” commented Openda.  Against the defending champs GRA today, Openda looks forward to maintaining their unbeaten record.

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