Echesa brings warring cricket factions to renewed truce

Resolutions have been reached in the local cricket circles after Cabinet Secretary of Sports Rashid Echesa chaired a meeting Tuesday between warring factions.

The meeting at Kencom House saw the feuding sides agree to bury the hatchet and bring the game to order. The main bone of contention was replacement of the three board members who had resigned in a huff earlier in the year, which left the game in limbo.

According to the consent as seen by People Sports, all cases that had been taken to court by the Interim Committee were to be withdrawn quickly and Cricket Kenya (CK) staff/players accrued four month salaries offset urgently. This was made possible after three previously vacant positions of the Board were filled for a period of 90 days to facilitate smooth running of operations before elections are called.

Following the previous treasurer Ravi Kaul’s resignation in April, operations at Ruaraka had literally stalled leaving 100s of employees in despair and programmes shut down.

An insider with knowledge of the situation told People Sport that sensibility had to be prioritised. “It was a sober meeting that people spoke and agreed on a formula to make cricket recover. It is no longer about egos but the game and the players who ultimately matter most,” said the source.

The new office bearers appointed to hold forte include Tom Tikolo (acting chairperson), Kalpesh Solanke (development director) and Kennedy Obuya (treasurer) in a masterstroke aimed at cooling off flares and ensuring equal representation from the factions.

CS Echesa also pointed out that there would be regular consultations going forward in a bid to smoothen running of the sport which had been dogged by divisiveness for the past one year ever since Kenya got relegated to Division Three status in the ICC World Cricket League last December.

Only last month, the playing unit had threatened to forfeit the WCL Division Three qualifiers in Oman following lack of pay, which prompted immediate former Chairperson Jackie Janmohammed to chip in with a personal contribution of Sh1.6 million to avert a crisis. It had been reported recently of certain individuals in the staff of CK national team as well being locked out of their homes; a situation which saw the Ministry of Sports come in to act.

Obuya also revealed that soon there will be case withdrawal and normalcy will resume,” ”We must just abide by the consent, which was signed by all parties. It is a work in progress but it will be for the better.” Obuya said.

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