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Triumph after divorce

People have a lot of expectations from a pastor’s family. They are expected to lead a perfect life. But they are also human. Ciku Kitonga, daughter of renowned gospel artiste and worship leader, Vicky Kitonga, lets us in on her parents’ break-up, being raised by a single mother and more

Milliam Murigi @millymur1

Who is Vicky Kitonga when she sheds her celebrity clothes?

She is a mother of three daughters, an Information Technology (IT) expert and a senior bank officer at the Central Bank of Kenya. She is also a good cook and sometimes she is harsh. She is by far the coolest mother ever.

What kind of a mother is Vicky Kitonga?

My mother is always a present mother. She has raised me to believe that I can do anything as long as I’m enjoying good health. She is my best friend. We talk about everything and when I say everything, I mean everything.

In few words, how can you describe your mother?

She is a kind-hearted, full of wisdom and she is non-discriminative. She appreciates and helps everyone despite their background and she always ensures that every person she helps achieves his /her dreams.

Do you ever get recognised by her fans as her daughter?

Not all the time. But sometimes I meet people who mistake me for her because we look alike. I attend all her events, so you can imagine how people gaze at me. However, I’m used to this.

Your parents separated when you were still young. Tell us more about it.

My parents were married for 12 years before they separated. It’s been 12 years now coincidentally. We stayed with our dad for about three months after my mum was thrown out of her matrimonial house and shortly after she came for us.

It was hard because we were growing up and we needed somebody to guide us, somebody who understands the life of a girl as a father. It did affect us emotionally. I would get nightmares every night.

And the fact that my mum is a gospel artiste and my grandfather, Arthur Kitonga is a bishop made it even worse as we are expected to have a perfect family. People talked. It was a horrible experience.

How did your mother fill the role of your father. And is she planning to get married again?

My mum has been there for us all the time, making sure we lead a normal life just like any other child. About her remarrying, it’s a ‘no’.

How was it like for your mother raising you and your siblings as a single parent?

It wasn’t easy, though she remained strong and gave us the strength to carry on. She kept pressing on knowing that people who know their God are strong and do succeed. Also, she prayed a lot and I believe this helped her a lot.  

Are you still in touch with your father?

We don’t talk as much.

What stands out about your mother that amazes you?

 It must be her generosity. She is generous just like her father and she can go out of her way to help.

She comes out as a strong woman. Has this impacted your lives?

Definitely it has. She has taught my siblings and I to be strong and never to give up on our dreams.

What don’t people know about your mother?

She is comical. She has us laughing all the time.

Music flows in your family are you also taking the same route, and if not what is your current occupation?

 I am taking the same course. I’m actually studying music at Wynton School of Music at The Village Market, Nairobi and hopefully I will produce my own music.

What lessons have you learnt from your mother?

 I have learnt to follow my heart and remain positive in all situations and circumstances.

And who is Ciku Kitonga?

 I am the second born in a family of three. I am 20 years old, social and talkative. Generally, I just love people, a trait I have gotten from my mother.

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