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Ways to hide holiday gifts from your sneaky children

Your child might have a specific holiday gift wish list, but you still want to keep an element of surprise. You really don’t want them to know for sure they’re getting what they’ve asked for until they tear off the gift wrap.

But children are clever and impatient. They want to find those gifts. Yes, the little monsters want to foil your plans.

This means mums, as if they don’t have enough to think about during the holiday season have to be smart about holiday gifts. Good hiding places are essential. (And getting one over on your eagle-eyed offspring is kinda satisfying, too.) Here are some tips to keep those holiday gifts hidden.

Try an obvious place

Sometimes, it’s those predictable places that children don’t even consider. A lot of mums say they rely on the top shelf of their closet to hide their holiday gifts. Make sure you stash them way at the back, behind something large, just to be on the safe side.

Keep them in plain sight

What do you do about holiday gifts that get delivered when your child is at home? “If it’s around the holidays, my child always wants to know what’s in the box,” says Annita Kamau. “Luckily, my husband gets a lot of deliveries for work, so I keep the boxes in plain sight and say they are for dad.

I just pick it up, look at it, and say, ‘Oh, it’s just a work thing for dad, so boring,’ and leave it where we keep all packages for my husband,” she adds.

Think beyond your house

It’s worth thinking beyond the house for the best holiday-gift hiding spot. “My son and daughter have no interest in what’s in the car boot. I know the gifts are safe in the locked boot until I’m ready to wrap them.

Plus, I get a kick out of driving my kids around, knowing they’re completely oblivious to the fact that their holiday gifts are mere inches from their hands,” says Lucy Mueni.

A vehicle with ample cargo is ideal for hiding gifts. You can also hide the gifts in trash bags to keep them out of sight of curious kiddos.

Keep them at a neighbours’ house

This only works if the neighbours children won’t tell on you or the item is something your neighbour’s kids won’t be interested in. “We hid a bike at our neighbour’s for my daughter,” says Joan Akinyi. “I think they put a tarp over it, but my neighbour knew her boys would have no interest in it anyway since it was pink,” she says.

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