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Bavarian Swagger – Mike Mondo | Radio Host | 2013 BMW 320i

Why this car?

It rides low and I just love low-riders. It’s both efficient and reliable and above all else, I guess it’s because I have always been a BMW enthusiast. Most people assume that German machines are thirsty at the pump but that is an old wives tale.

The amount of technology in this car to make sure it meets efficiency goals makes it as good as a 2.0 litre Toyota.

What does it do for you?

Well, it’s simply an amazing car to drive. I have quite a few memorable moments with it but I’ll keep the details between myself and the car, some of them may get me in trouble if revealed.

That said, one of the most memorable was when I took it for the first road trip to Nakuru. It was epic and sublime and I enjoyed it immensely. Also, I love going out with it, and the ladies definitely seem to like it.

Furthermore, it’s a beautiful machine to look at and because I work in radio, I absolutely love the thumping stereo. It’s dead stock but very well sorted. It comes with internal memory, which means I don’t have to carry around flash discs or CDs. And aside from that, it’s a beautiful driving experience.

So the claim by BMW that they make the ultimate driving machine is true?

Yes, but depending on the model. There are some BMWs which are simply dung but with the 320i, you’re getting a good car. It balances luxury and driveability very well.

Any drawbacks?

The suspension. I don’t think it was designed for our bumpy roads, rather the smooth asphalt of Europe. So a pro tip to anyone importing one, before you drive it, I would advise upgrading the suspension so that it can comfortably handle our roads.

Again because our roads are dung and it rides really low, you must ensure that the sump is protected and you have to drive annoyingly slow on some sections. If you don’t you’ll end up scraping off everything underneath your car, which is painfully expensive to repair.

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