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Travelling abroad on a budget

Hellen Njeri @PeopleDailyKE

Do you often find yourself scrolling through your social media feed, daydreaming about faraway lands, inspiring photography and life-changing adventure?

Then you wake up and check your bank balance…and the two do not correspond? Travelling on a budget is an art, one that most cannot master. To help you get the most out of your journey, here are some inexpensive and genius travel hacks.


Hostels are cheaper compared to hotels, resorts and rental homes. Some hostel beds are literally just a couple of shillings per night, but you will get the authentic backpacker atmosphere and memories to last a lifetime.

“There are all kinds of hostels: party hostels, relaxing hostels, exotic hostels and rural hostels. To add cherry on top, many hostels offer free food.There are hostels that offer baked foods, barbeque, pizza nights and loads more.

Stock up on free eats to take with you while you are off adventuring during the day! You can also bring food from home and shop at grocery stores instead of restaurants. Dinig in hostels may not be as glamorous as dining at fancy cafes and eateries, but it is cost effective.


Souvenirs are overrated. Instead of bringing back a suitcase full of touristy paraphernalia, why not focus on collecting memories and experiences instead of material things. It makes your travel so much happier, your bags so much lighter, and your wallet so much fatter.

Mountain hiking, a visit to bush communities, bon-fires in the park, train travel through the wild are experiences that will stay etched in your memory. Travel around in a big truck, sleep in campsites, try local fishing boats, kayaks, trams, scooters, rickshaws and bodabodas. Why not create an adventure and find a way of getting around that you wouldn’t find back home.


Sometimes it pays to be a little sneaky. For instance, while staying in budget hotel in North Coast Kenya, you can visit a five-star facility during the day and experience privileges such as swimming pools and the not-so-crowded widespread white-sand beaches. The five-star resorts will often let you use their pool for free as long as you buy a drink or eat a meal in their restaurants.


Some cities like Berlin are full of free museums , including numerous collections of art and history that are free to the viewing public. Other cities charge a small fee for entrance into museums, but frequently offer discounts and free days. Such afford you an opportunity to learn while having fun.


Billions of people around the world eat street food, but it can be a very polarizing topic.  Some travellers think it is dirty, it will make them sick and others see it as a badge of authenticity. In fact the first memory of a country tends to be something delicious you ate on its streets. Food is freshest on the streets because it is prepared as you wait. What’s more, for a few coins, you can eat your fill.


In the event that flying is too expensive, one of the cheapest ways to travel a country is through public transport. Sometimes the distances can be very long, so it is best to opt for the night. Look for public transport with bus beds.

In some countries, you can also find them on trains. This way, you get to save on time and accommodation.

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