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Science of layered drinks

Layered drinks are so beautiful. They are drinkable works of art. Layered cocktails come in different forms and looks with some being cloudy and the layers a bit muddled like the tequila sunrise, while others have distinctive layers such as bucks fizz.

We went behind the Baobox counter to learn more about layering cocktails and even learnt how to make the bucks fizz. Baobox, located on the eighth floor of Pramukh Towers is a board gamer’s spot with a variety of board games obviously, potent cocktails, great food and insane décor.

The fact that they also provide warm Maasai blankets to chill under is a welcome boon, especially in this cold weather.

After setting up the counter with all his favourite bar tools, Daffine Ochieng, the resident mixologist for Baobox, was ready to school us.

“Layered cocktails are made using two or more alcoholic drinks of different densities. The dense one sinks to the bottom, while the light one floats,” Daff, as he’s popularly referred to, informs us.

Turns out that being a mixologist requires one to know the density of different liqueurs, and it is not just a glamorous drink-mixing and alcohol-tasting party as we thought.

Daff says that one has to experiment and research, so as to be knowledgeable on the density of liqueurs. He informs that if one pours together liqueurs of the same density, they all get mixed up.

“After finding out which one is dense, you pour out that one first, so that it can settle on the bottom. You then use a bar spoon to pour out the lighter alcohol on top of the dense one. The bar spoon ensures that the lighter drink only taps the surface of the denser one without disturbing it,” the mixologist adds.

After our crash course in layered drinks, Daff shows us practically by layering a perfect bucks fizz.

As both my colleague and I are stymied over which one of the bucks fizz ingredients is denser, Daff pities us and tells us that most times, the sweeter drinks are denser. In our case, the orange juice is denser compared to the sparkling wine.

He proceeds to make us a bubbly drink that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. Drinking our bucks fizz, we feel so empowered that we think we can layer a three tier cocktail.

Daff indulges us with a laugh. It is almost as if he knows we are bluffing. But it is all his fault anyway; his dexterity at the bar makes it look easy. But you try out the recipe and tell us how easy it is!

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