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Stuntin in shagz

I am pretty sure most of you peeps were in shagz for Jamhuri Day, and because one cannot survive sober some (most) of these gatherings, and if they do, they leave feeling so inadequate that they have to drown their feelings in alcohol.

With most ending up in watering holes near your homes. Well, if you didn’t, more power to you. But Christmas is coming; let’s see how you hold up then.

Red Java in Kerugoya is my sanctuary when shagz gets overwhelming. It is like a welcome slice of the Nairobi partying scene, but in a calmer setting, which makes you feel right at home. The first time I was here, I was so sotted that I did not know exactly where I was. I collapsed onto a couch, squeaked ‘soo soft’ and promptly slept.

The next time I was actually able to confirm that indeed the couches are incredibly soft. I was also able to learn that Tuesday is croaking day, yaani Karaoke day. The day set aside for amateurs to sing, or at least try to, for a chance to win some of the prizes, which range from drinkable goodies to cash.

Obviously I chose to sing! There is normally a battery of artists playing after karaoke and on other themed nights at the bar. Buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker or your whisky of choice, as the prices are fairer here than in the capital. You also earn mad respect points from the locals for buying a full bottle.

The lounge and bar, which just clocked one year, has great décor and equally great mood lighting. The food is also quite sumptuous with a welcome variety ranging from choma to the staples of beef and goat wet or dry fry. 

Their sticky wings are a welcome nostalgic reminder of Nairobi. I really do love great bar bites, who wants to leave the bar to look for food?

The parking is quite generous with a few attendants to assist you with your parking. The place does get quite packed though, so try to go early so you do not have to walk in endless circles looking for a soo soft couch, or even a bar stool to perch on.

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