‘No one will get away’ with stealing public money

A tough-talking President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday said the war on corruption should not be politicised.  He declared that the corrupt belong to jail and must not trot Kenyan streets splashing ill-gotten wealth. He equally scoffed at individuals whipping up tribal emotions to draw communal sympathy when the noose tightens around their necks after stealing.

“You cannot run and you cannot hide after looting public money. We will chase you and find you wherever you are hiding with money that belongs to the hard-working people of Kenya. And you must prepare to bear individual responsibility for your sins,” he said.

“You cannot invoke your tribe when pinned down because you looted alone and must pay alone. There are no exemptions in this fight. If you are a corrupt Luo you will pay, if you are corrupt Kalenjin or Kikuyu or Taita, you will pay,” added a serious-looking President during all his five stops in Kisumu

The President sought public support in his fight against graft and hinted at adopting the treatment given to crime suspects in Kisumu’s Kondele estate, a volatile hood where residents mete out instant mob justice upon suspects, before quickly eating back his words.

“What would you do if you caught a thief in Kondele?” posed Kenyatta upon which the crowd roared a collective ‘death’ in response. “I mean arresting and taking to the police station,” the President clarified immediately afterwards.

Amid Uhuru’s rebuke of the corrupt and tripping over words over the methodology of dealing with culprits, he stressed his determination to rid the country of the vice.

The country has been treated to startling episodes of graft in government during Uhuru’s tenure and the government has responded with arrests and arraignment of several public servants.

Recent multimillion shilling scandals at Kenya Pipeline Corporation and National Health Insurance Fund threaten to undermine Uhuru’s legacy.

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