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Muhoroni MP wants chiefs involved in fight against teen pregnancies

By Dickens Wasonga

Muhoroni MP Onyango Koyoo wants chiefs and their assistants to be firm when dealing with the rising teenage pregnancies in the country.

Koyoo said the increasing cases of school going children becoming mothers shows that society was losing the norms that guides moral behavior.

The MP suggested a collaborative approach which involves the provincial administrators; the clergy, teachers and parents should be adopted to help address the problem which he said was posing a danger to the efforts so far made to empower girls through education.

The MP said a lot of resources were being channeled into the education sector by the government and other development agencies   to educate the girls and it would be unacceptable for some people to target the young girls for sex.

‘’I want to appeal to our  chiefs and their assistants to help us win this war. We must save our girls from those who eyes them for immoral interests. I want to ask them to ensure those who are behind this unbecoming behavior are punished through the available lawful means,’’ he said.

Koyoo said education was the key to unlocking societal problems and the best approach to tackle poverty and promised to continue sponsoring bright but poor students in his constituency though the national government constituency development funds NG CDF.

 He disclosed that since 2013 when he was elected to parliament, Muhoroni NG CDF has fully funded construction of three modern classrooms in 24 primary schools totaling to 72 classes.

‘’We have also used funds from the same kitty to construct 21 classrooms in 7 secondary schools to improve on the infrastructure of our schools which has been a problem before,’’ he said.

The NG CDF was also financing the ongoing construction of a sh 30 million modern dormitory at Koru Girls to accommodate 285 students.

He said the project is almost complete and will soon be ready for the girl’s school which is one of the biggest extra county schools in the constituency.

He said apart from building the infrastructure, the fund’s bursary kitty has sponsored many students mainly those who are vulnerable to go through secondary, college and university adding that he had ensured equity in the distribution of the fund.

‘’We don’t interfere in the distribution of the cash and I have always worked closely with the funds manager to ensure the needy students are the ones considered. We have so far given over sh 100 million through bursaries since 2015 and we ensure those who are in the university do not drop out due to lack of sufficient allocation,’’ said Koyoo.

Next week , all the students who are being sponsored by the fund will have a mentorship meeting to be presided over by  the education CS Amina Mohamed as away of motivating them to work hard and excel in their academic work.

The cases of teenage girls has been on the rise in the recent past in the country. During the just concluded national examinations, most students wrote their exams either in the delivery wards or were beast feeding while taking the exams

Top Education officials have blamed parents accusing them of neglecting their responsibility of nurturing the adolescents .

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