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Holiday cheer

Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest holiday of the year, so much so that once the festivities are over and we have settled into the flow of the new year, we start planning for the next one.

While it may be the most celebrated event on the calendar, there are a few tid bits of information you may not know about the holiday, like the fact that Santa’s iconic look was the result of a committee coming together to agree on it.

The chubby and bearded jolly giver of gifts had various outfits, traversing the globe in a look not quite the red and white we all associate him with today.

This one came about in the 1930s when Coca-Cola started depicting him in their company colours, and the look has stuck to date. We have more of these in our main feature.

Another interesting thing, loosely related to the festive season, is that the dining table may soon have less and less traces of meat.

According to research by Uber Eats released on Thursday, 2019 will be the year veganism becomes mainstream across the Middle East and Africa, including Kenya. Their search data, which guided their predictions, shows increasingly healthy options interest among users.

Wonderful news, if I may say so myself, as being a plant eater during Christmas is one of the most unenjoyable experiences one can endure. Head over to our Eat Out section for more on the food predictions, including what will fall out of flavour with Kenyans next year, and how the trends were like in 2018. Happy Holidays

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