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Altaf Abdalla | Road Warriors 1,000cc champion | Race No: 44 | 2014 BMW HP4 – 998cc

When did you start riding?

I have been riding bikes for the past 22 years. My father is the one who introduced me to riding. He got me my first bike, a 50cc and I would ride behind him when he went to work on Saturday on his bike.

Why this bike?

This bike was launched sometime in 2012 and I was blown away by the technology. The rave reviews on blogs made it an instant legend. The safety level and technology available put it at the top of my lust list, but at the time it was beyond my budget and I was only able to get one in 2014.

What does it do for you?

On a personal level it gives me a sense of self-satisfaction having gotten my dream bike, but it also gives me a sense of responsibility.

When you misbehave, if I can use that word, the bike will correct itself a little bit, giving you a chance to check yourself and not do something stupid again. Because of that it has improved my riding skills and surpass my personal limits both on the racetrack and on the road.

Any memorable experiences on the bike?

There are many, but one stands out above them all. I am currently the unbeaten Superbike Champion and I used this bike to dethrone then champion, make sure you get his name right, DJ Stylez, also known as Allan Muigai. The bet was Sh100,000 each so that was a good day, earning the title and a wad of cash.

Any drawbacks?

I can generalize when it comes to riding. We need to have more safety awareness, first for people who drive and then for boda bodas. They are also road users like us, but they don’t have the discipline or awareness that helps make riding safe for everyone.

Drivers tend to push riders off the road or pedestrians underestimate the speed of an incoming bike and step into the road. Such matters need to be addressed but apart from that the bike has no drawbacks.

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