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Easy ways to protect your hairline


One of the biggest mistakes most women make in matters hair is failing to take care of their hairline. Being a delicate part of the scalp, this area deserves a lot of tender loving care. The following tips will help you protect your edges for that full, lush hairline.

Avoid tight hairstyles

The hairstyle you choose to wear will no doubt affect the condition of your hair in some way. Some hairdos cause more harm than good, such as hair extensions and micro braids, as they pull at the fragile baby hairs, hence weakening them and eventually leading to hair loss, which in some cases can be permanent.

Traction alopecia, a condition where one experiences hair loss due to constant pulling, has become a reality for some women. It is directly linked to improper styling, such as using damaging products.

Micro braids tend to cause more damage, but jumbo braids can also lead to hair breakage, especially if the section of hair braided is smaller than the braid itself. A good alternative to this is going for crocheting, as the pressure is more distributed.

Cut down on heat styling   

If your hair is constantly styled using heat either by blow-drying, flat-ironing or other hair tools that use heat, then you may be wreaking havoc to your strands. This is because hair follicles cannot withstand constant exposure to heat.

Since many women desire that sleek look at the front, they tend to use these tools, which press against the fragile edges of the hair, causing the cuticles to dry up and thus making hair brittle and prone to breakage.

To avoid all this, limit the use of heat, and use heat protectants whenever heat is used on your hair, and even then, ensure that only low heat is used.

Use the right hair products

To avoid weakening your hair, especially at the edges, use the right products. Ensure you go to a professional for chemical applications, be it dyeing or retouching, so as to get the suited one for your hair type, and to have it done the right way.

When using gel to sleek down baby hairs, you should also avoid poor products. And, the best practice is to apply water and oil on your hair first before using gel.

Protect your hair at night

When sleeping, you should cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf, as it does not rub on your hairline harshly, as is the case with cotton.

The latter tends to absorb moisture and oil from the hair, leaving it dry and brittle, thereby easy to break off from the scalp. When tying the scarf, it is recommended that you tie it on your forehead as opposed to the edges of your hair, to avoid putting pressure on them.

Be gentle

When it comes to hair, less manipulation is key. If you are keen on protecting your hairline, it is important to be gentle and avoid yanking your hair while combing, or any continuous manipulation, as it makes the hair follicles weak. You can also give your hair a break from braiding or weaves, to relieve the pressure they exert on the hairline.

If you notice that your hair seems weaker or your hairline is receding, it is advisable to visit a hair expert to recommend appropriate steps to grow your hairline back.

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