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We found Laika!

When she released her song under the Mainswitch record label, all seemed to be going well for Laika. However, she soon went under the radar and disappeared completely from the public scene. However, we followed up on her and found that she is now working as a PR practitioner, growing brands for artistes and athletes.

Laika said, ‘Gold Star PR is my way of ensuring that I can help people who want to create strong brands. I am a PR graduate from Moi University and was always using these skills to grow my own brand. This is my chance to help someone else achieve their dream.’

When asked whether she would sing again, she said ‘You never know how life goes! I would love to record again, but so far I have been enjoying taking time to spend with my family.’

Gold Star PR has worked with established athletes like Wilson Kipsang and also handles publicity affairs for Gathimba Edwards Foundation among many others.

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