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Scandal: Munyes mulls purging top KPC staff

Steve Umidha @steveumidha

Petroleum and Mining Cabinet Secretary John Munyes has blamed a web of endemic corruption at the heart of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) on a well-oiled cartel of individuals that have for decades continued to enjoy “State protection”.

He termed the cash-rich corporation as a den of inbuilt cartels, whose roots, he swore, must be rooted out.

“The audit report will be very decisive on the kind of action we are going to take on the corrupt elements at Kenya Pipeline. It is a profitable company that can do better if we weed the elements out,” he said while addressing journalists in his office yesterday.

Munyes was referring to the much-awaited internal audit report expected to explain evidently how the oil firm allegedly lost 11.646 million litres in spillage and 5.69 million to pilferage between March 2017 and May this year in nine separate incidents, all at an estimated cost of Sh2.5 billion.

The unfolding drama at the Kenya Pipeline headquarters in the busy and dusty industrial area is believed to be one of the prevalent oil spill scandal to ever rock the company – and one that has been going on for several years and right under the Government’s nose.

In-house job

A well-coordinated in-house job, coupled with vested political interests in both the previous and current government regimes have also been alluded to as other vice afflicting the company that has seen its past 10 of its chief executives exit their positions impulsively.

“It is a historical problem that has to be fixed. Every smoke has a bit of fire and when the report reveals that some individuals took part in the problem, then firm action will definitely be taken,” he said.

Such actions, the CS revealed would include an apt review and possible shake-up to the company’s current management and board in an effort to address issues affecting the parastatal.

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