Uhuru defends Awori choice for sports fund

Alvin Mwangi @PeopleDailyKe

President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the appointment of former Vice President Moody Awori to the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund.

Uhuru, who has been criticised for appointing Awori, 91,  instead of a youth, maintained that his decision was informed by how the youths have been engaged in corrupt deals, prompting him to opt for an elderly citizen to head the docket. He spoke yesterday during a graduation ceremony for Kenya Commercial Bank’s 2jiajiri Initiative.

End stalemate

“I’m being criticised for appointing a 91-year-old to manage the  sports fund. But put yourself in my shoes, ukiona vile watu wanaiba pesa…alafu tupatie kijana, mimi afadhali nikae na huyo mzee achunge hiyo pesa itumike vile inatakikana (When you see how young people are stealing money… and you want me to appoint a young person, I would rather put an old man in charge so that public funds can be used prudently),” he said. Most criticism came from youths, especially on social media.

Following the appointment, Awori will be joining other permanent secretaries from the Education, Arts, Health, Treasury and Sports ministries, who are members of the fund. 

He is expected to help end the stalemate between the fund and several federations over disbursement of funds. Football Kenya Federation president Nick Mwendwa has previously urged the government, through the board, to fast track how monies are disbursed to federations.

Awori is also tasked with developing infrastructure and facilitating Kenyan teams in and outside the country. Uhuru urged the youth to make money the right way and avoid engaging in corrupt deals, warning that the government will not entertain corrupt individuals.

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