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Brunching, at Brew Rooftop

Drinkcember is here with us but before you go bar or club- hopping, kindly ensure you got something tangible in your tummy   

know I talked about brunch last month, but hey, I am a foodie.  I love to experiment. Plus, it’s Drinkcember, so you need to be up to date with what’s live, right?

Last month’s brunch in Mt Kenya region was a different kind of high-elevation brunch, so let me bring you back to Nairobi. I have always wanted to try the Brew Bistro menu. It just looks different during the day as compared to at night.

At least one thing is constant, good vibes.  Singleton Whisky has partnered with the Brew Bistro to create ‘The Singleton brunch’ which offers diners a customised street food menu.  Brunch is the new koroga; it’s the new ‘let’s meet and hang’ plan.

The contemporary style of the rooftop bar and restaurant at the Bistro delivers a charming yet relaxed ambience for a leisurely brunch.  My date was one of my many girlfriends, but I think brunch is not the perfect plan for a date. Especially if its one of those first dates, but, you know what, to each his own. 

At hand was a cold glass of a Singleton Whisky-based cocktail, named the Berry jam old sour, just before I indulged. First things first —there was an omelette. Not just a basic onion tomato mix, but also one with additional toppings; mushrooms and lots of cheese. 

Let’s just say a bite full of life and flavour and, oh, so oozy. I don’t mean to brag, but everything I recommend is always a plus. My partner had completely dismissed having an omelette, but once my plate arrived, it was emptied within a few seconds – friendship has a cost. 

But let us foodie people vent just for a minute. With all due respect, if you know I have great taste in food, please order the same thing, so that you don’t have to eat from my plate. That said, let me present to you the Singleton Brunch.

You pick your salads and starch options then head to the barbeque station. Since I’m on a no-carbohydrates diet, I went ahead and placed my order. I also ate different cuts of meat. There was lamb, pork, goat ribs and beef all marinated with whisky.

I loved the flavourful taste it adds to meat, so tasty you don’t need steak sauce. Ever heard of Christmas come early? The taste was more distinct in the beef than the other meat options. 

I also tried oysters. You probably know by now that seafood has never been my favourite food, but shockingly, I loved the oysters.  Then the chief chef told me that one of the most notorious natural aphrodisiacs is oyster. Well, I’m yet to find out if that’s really true.  I don’t know how though, you tell me.

The brunch at the rooftop is pocket-friendly; it costs Sh1,500 for an all you can eat brunch, and Sh1,900 for brunch plus a singleton cocktail. You can also opt to have brunch plus unlimited singleton cocktails for Sh3,500. The brunch is between 11am and 5pm.  Remember, however, that the Singleton Brunch will be served every last Saturday of the month. Still, let’s brunch and Drinkcember.

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