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Sacrifices I have had to make in the wake of motherhood

Lyn Gicharu, 29, is a mother of two girls whom she says have turned around her life and added meaning into it. She is also an entrepreneur. She shares about her parenting journey and lessons

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Being a mother is a wonderful experience for many. But the journey comes with sacrifices and Lyn Gicharu knows this too well. Prior to becoming pregnant six years ago, she used to run a boutique where she sold second-hand clothes from Gikomba market.

“Going to Gikomba to source for clothes to sell while pregnant was difficult for me. I couldn’t handle the congestion and the human traffic since the people who carry bales for customers walk or run relentlessly and when you bump into them, they hurt you.

This forced me to stay indoors in the last two months of my pregnancy and an additional three months of maternity leave. It was draining for me because I hate being indoors,” she explains.

Though the journey to becoming a mum was coupled with some challenges, looking back, she says the joy she experiences overshadows all the hard times she has faced. She has so much love for her two girls; Celine, aged five years and Elsie aged two years.

Much love

“Motherhood is fun, but at the same time, unpredictable. You are never ready for anything,” says Lyn. “My two girls are sensitive, yet calm and collected. They both make motherhood an exciting and thrilling experience,” she adds.

For both pregnancies, Lyn says she experienced the normal changes that come with pregnancy. “I had these mood swings that made me cry every morning whenever my husband left for work.

I lost a considerable amount of weight since I only survived on avocado, sukuma wiki, ugali, tea without milk, but only tea leaves, kangumu and éclairs. Those were the only foods that my stomach could handle,” she explains.

Though Lyn and her husband have had their ups and downs in their parenting journey, they always manage to bounce back and forge ahead. The most trying time was when both their children got sick and has to be admitted for one week.

“It was challenging, especially for my husband. It was too much for him to take. He would come back from work and pass by the hospital before heading home and every morning he would pass by before reporting to work.

While at work, he kept on calling to find out how the children were fairing. Going back to an awkwardly quiet house was tough for him,” she says.

Support system

In her parenting journey, Lyn says she has found a strong support system in her husband, parents, sisters and neighbours. “My husband is just one great man, and a great dad. He was there for me right from the start.

He took good care of me throughout the two pregnancies. He was present during the delivery of both girls and after they were born, he took some time off from work to help around the house. He loved staying with the children when they were still newborns as I took naps.

He made sure I had all the items I needed to help me get back on my feet. Up to today, he is the one who buys clothes for the girls and I must say he has an excellent taste,” she says.

The mother of two has employed several tips to help her bring up her children, one being teaching them that there is a time for everything. “We live a balanced life.

I have taught my little ones to be respectful to everyone, to always see the positive side of a situation or person. I have taught them the importance of love for all, to always speak up their minds, to always pray before sleeping and taking meals and to help in house chores,” she says.

According to Lyn, the most exciting thing about motherhood is just the feeling of being truly loved and loving back. “You always look forward to being together when apart. We enjoy each other’s company.

We play a lot, we watch cartoons and Bible movies, we visit friends, go shopping or do gardening. These are just some of the activities that make our lives exciting. They are my best friends,” she says.

She is also an entrepreneur who runs Celsie Enterprises, a mineral water distribution company that also customises bottled water for occasions.

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