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Shera is a gospel singer and make-up artist

Shera is a gospel singer and make-up artist currently trending for her song Umenipenda. She chats with Manuel Ntoyai on her style and make-up venture

My fashion journey began when I started modelling clothes for my friends who were fashion designers in England. I had always been interested in fashion and this peeked my interest.

My most memorable fashion moment was being part of Tanzania’s 53rd anniversary celebrations held in the UK and modelling on the runway.

Actually, it was daunting and I’m not sure I would ever want to do that again, having all eyes in the room as I strutted up and down the runway was scary. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Nevertheless, we had tonnes of fun after that and so it was worth it.

A day in my life as a fashion lover starts with looking up trends online and getting inspiration for my next pieces.

The difference between designing for myself and others is that there’s no difference. Ha-ha-ha. But I guess I am freer with myself in terms of stretching my creativity. I am not limited to anyone’s specifications.

My range is still in the making, but I would like it to have a touch of traditional Kenyan wear.

My favourite international designer is so cliché. I do like Michael Kors, but I also like designers from local British stores such as Marks and Spencer and Next. Their clothes are affordable and I am all about economy rather than lavish spending.

I believe you should wear pink lipstick and kitten heels with even the most basic outfits. They add a touch of class.

Everyone should own a good perfume. You can never go wrong with smelling nice.

I would love most to dress our First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. She seems down to earth, approachable and trendy. That would be tonnes of fun.

If I wasn’t an artiste, I would be what I am already — a doctor and singer. Not sure what else I could be. What I definitely would never be is an engineer. I really hated physics in school.

I am wearing a mix of local and international stuff I brought back from England.

My best fashion buy has to be my three leather jackets from England’s TK Maxx. I love my leather jackets in red, black and brown. I especially love my brown leather jacket, but Kenyans seem to abhor them. They have a reputation I am yet to figure out.

My style icon is that I get inspiration from everywhere, but I do get a lot of ideas from Patricia Bright, a YouTube vlogger from England.

My go to accessory has to be my trinket handbags. I love tiny handbags with chain straps, which always means I have to carry two bags. A big one for everything else and the little one just in case I have to up my look depending on where I am going.

I could live in Malindi. I love Kenya and its breathtaking beaches. I have no desire to live elsewhere. We have all we need here in Kenya.

My signature scent has to be Chanel’s Allure Sensuelle.

My fashion obsession has to be shoes. I do love statement shoes.

I stock up on different lipstick colours and dresses. I love dresses, especially in summertime Kenya. I also enjoy doing make-up. In fact, make-up inspires me and cheers me up.

I started doing it in England for friends, nothing serious, but I realised that I loved doing it. When I got back to Kenya, I decided to turn the hobby into a business and I already had so many products I could readily use.

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