Police, government ‘biggest rights violators’

Bernard Gitau @benagitau

The police and National government are the biggest human rights violators, Amnesty International  opinion poll shows.

What is confounding is that only six out of ten of those abused reported the violation, showing they were not confident they would get justice.

Speaking during release of the poll result on the state of human rights in Kenya,lobby’s executive director Irungu Houghton said the police continue to be rated lowly.

 Human rights

“When Kenyans were asked who violates human rights most, they pointed at police (33 per cent), National government (28 per cent), public (12 per cent), counties (5 per cent),” he said.

Irungu said the status of human rights in Kenya is improving, but the findings offer an opportunity to reflect on  rights and reenergise efforts.

 Interestingly, the poll indicated that though police were ranked top on great human right violators, majority of Kenyans report to them.

On the human rights violations posing the most risk to Kenyans, the poll indicated that denial of health care was top at 21 per cent.

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