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Dress up for that wedding committee, you never know

In the spirit of Christmas, and to help those who only have four weeks to admire, meet, fake a few smiles here and there, chase a few dates, go steady, courtship, propose (in no particular order) and finally marry, there’s a potential fisiing ground that remains untapped that would really come in handy.

Now, with festivities comes the season of weddings. Forget about your usual wedding link ups, there’s a healthy fleshy steaky worm waiting on the early bird.  The wedding committee. Since this ‘biological clock’ knows no man or woman, this goes for both.

Be rest assured that in every wedding committee, there will be a variety of single ladies and men (slays, women eaters, gold-diggers) that’s not my business, do your math. 

If you’re keen, you’ll notice just how spruced up attendees are, never forget it’s after work when we hardworking Kenyans look wasted beyond recovery.  If you wondered what the big deal was, welcome to the game. Perfect score. No one would really mind these hook ups.

As for the ladies, the chemistry behind this, so I learned, is that a respectable guy wouldn’t want to take advantage of alcohol – you know how boys see drunk chiqs as easy targets?

This one knows better. And as stated earlier, he doesn’t make his moves too obvious and so he’ll take advantage of the committee meetings. Meeting after meeting, he makes moves, taking baby steps while at it. You’ll notice he’s being a good companion. He’s always at the right place at the right time- he’ll offer to drop you off after meetings.

Listen keenly when you contribute and nod as if you’re this genius you never thought you’d be. And this guy, God bless his soul, there’s no deception or tricks in his game.

He will not take advantage of you, but of his surroundings. In this case, he’ll decide to fake a sad story so you relate because they think you’re not single by choice. They know you want to be the next one on that altar.

He knows the special day wouldn’t offer a nice environment to flirt, so he’ll establish rapport for the possibility of an evening date at the evening party.

Look at it this way, you know how boring weddings could get, especially at the reception if you’ve no company? Well he’s preparing you for that, he’s a gentleman and he’ll definitely be there for you.

The committee might not be the ideal setting, but it’s definitely a calculated pre-setting. Let he who objects come out now or forever hold your peace! Score, score, score…I’ll right on the other side be waiting to wed two souls before 31st December 2018.

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