Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts uses cobra bite to cure his erectile dysfunction

Few wrestling fans from the 90s will forget seeing Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ cobra biting “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s arm.

Despite it being 27 years ago, the incident still remains one of the most harrowing ever seen in WWE.

The shocking event cemented Roberts’ place as one of the most evil heels in the industry’s history. But now the veteran is using it to bolster something else rather than his career – his libido! Roberts made the surprise admission – albeit tongue-in-cheek – while speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The WWE Hall of Famer said: “To this day, if I’m ever laying around with a girl and I’m having a little problem in the woodski department, you know, it happens at 63, I put the video on and instantly I’m kicking her ass, man. Oh, brother.”

That was not the only thing Roberts revealed as he ventured down memory lane as he explained the lengths he had to go to convince “Macho Man” to let his slippery serpent sink its fangs into his arm. The Snake Man said: “Macho walks in and he’s like, ‘alright, brother. We’re going to do it tonight, I guess, huh? That’s the story going f***ing around! We’re going to get down and do it.’

“I was like, ‘yeah, dude, it sounds great.’ He’s like, ‘we need to take care of a little business first, though.’

“@What?’ ‘About the snake…’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘Has he been fixed or not?’ ‘Fixed? You mean poisonous?’

“He goes, ‘yeah, that might be the f—king problem.’ I’m like, ‘yeah, Randy, of course, he [has] been fixed.’ He goes, ‘maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t! Stranger things have happened in the WWE. Somebody wants the ‘Macho Man’s Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship title, you put a f***king poisonous snake on him, and the rest is history! Macho’s dead and ‘Snake’s the champ!’  Despite Savage’s grim theory making little sense to Roberts, Jake duly obliged and let the cobra bite him.

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