NGO sues government for banning Marie Stopes operations

Network For Adolescents and Youth of Africa, an NGO, has sued the government over the decision to ban Marie Stopes Clinics from offering reproductive health services in the country.

This is after the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) ordered the health facility to stop offering any form of abortion services.

In a certificate of urgency, the organisation argue that the decision is contrary to the Constitution specifically right to life and health.

The organisation further claims that as a result of the ban women and girls who present themselves at Marie Stopes in need of  medical emergency care in the form of safe abortion and post-abortion care cannot access lawful, vital lifesaving services.

The ban is a deterrent for any woman or girl in Kenya from accessing safe abortion and post abortion services owing to the misinformation it communicates and resultant chilling effect on health service providers who provide chilling effect on health service providers who provide safe and legal abortion and post abortion care services,” reads the court documents in part.

Among other orders that they are seeking is conservatory orders staying the decision by the Director of Medical Services banning the provisions of post-abortion care services by Marie Stopes Kenya as contained in his letter dated November 14.

The facility was also directed to submit, within 60 days, a report of the reviewed guidelines “to conform with the law.

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