TIFA opinion poll shows Kisumu, Kiambu lead in plebiscite support

Bernard Gitau @benagitau

Kisumu and Kiambu counties are leading with the highest support for a referendum and the reduction of elective seats, TIFA Research opinion poll shows.

 The poll targeting four counties reveals Kisumu leads in the support of a referendum with 68 per cent followed by Kiambu (64 per cent), Nairobi (59 per cent) and Mombasa at 58 per cent.

 The referendum debate has been fodder for political leaders drawn from the government side and the Opposition. In the TIFA opinion polls, Kiambu leads in the support of reducing the number of elective post with the biggest casualty being Senate.

 In the four counties, scrapping of Senator position received highest support with Kiambu leading at (85 per cent), Nairobi (79 per cent), Mombasa (71 per cent) and Kisumu at 63 per cent.

Meanwhile, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was ranked as the most improved county boss with 51 per cent  in November from 44 per cent  in May.

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