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Unwritten rules for that perfect Gram photo

Before posting a photo on social media, you scrutinise it just to make sure it looks perfect; some filter and an attractive caption to go with it. Such is netizen’s life and just to get it right, here are some unwritten rules on getting the best snaps for the Gram, as compiled by Faith Kyoumukama

1. Your left side is the best side

According to expert photographers, your left side of the face is the most attractive. Apparently, most celebrities have learnt to practice this rule, which has earned them many likes.

Photographers say that people, while taking a group photo tend to wrangle in order to show off their ‘best’ side and the left side carries the day.

Surprisingly, this has been backed up by science, with a 2012 study by Wake Forest University, North Carolina, showing it is true for the majority of people.

2. Always stand back

When you’re taking a picture that has one or more people, always stand at the back; make sure you’re not the one taking the picture or the one standing closest to the camera.

If you are the one taking the picture, you tend to look excessively big. Apparently being further from the camera can result in a more radiant photo.

3. Drop the cheese, embrace Thursday

Growing up, we learnt to say the word ‘cheese’ while taking pictures. Experts argue that saying that word stretches the mouth, which can end up being quite unattractive.

They say that saying ‘Thursday’ makes you look relaxed and make the lips to fall faintly parted.

4. Smile with your tongue

Celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Kardashian have embraced this rule and they always achieve a natural and effortless smile.

So, the trick is to try and push your tongue behind the teeth to achieve a grin that’s not too wide. Also, one trick that most people have learnt is to fake a laughter, which is another option to getting a genuine smile.

5. Frame well

A quick crop might seem a quick and easy solution to cutting out your ‘bad bits’ from an otherwise top-notch photo.

But the reality is a crop often leads to a photo looking slightly out of kilter. Instead, pay attention to the framing before taking a photo and try to get the entire face, or body if its a full-length shot, into the image.

6. Snap from above

The most flattering photos are mostly taken from above. Experts in photography say that taking a picture from above gives the face more depth as compared to a flat face on the shot, which in turn makes it possible to create flattering angles.

7. Go low

This is yet another popular way of taking photos for the Gram. Taking pictures with this angle is apparently a way to elongate and flatter any figure, according to Instagram star, Chriselle Lim, who boasts 1.1million followers on the social media site.

The success of this hack can be measured in the number of times it appears on social media feeds.

8. Relax

This might seem hard, but obviously taking pictures when you’re in your relaxed mode plays a big role in how you appear in the picture.

Take a few deep breaths, shake out all your fears then pose. This way, you’ll look as relaxed as possible in front of the lens. 

9. Use the Snapchat camera

If you love to Snapchat, you know the camera is great and not only are the filters unique, but the quality is also impeccable. If you want to take interesting pictures and keep people fascinated on your feed, you might want to often use the Snapchat app camera.

10. Opt for the natural light

Always seek natural light when taking pictures. Natural light is always the most flattering, so whenever possible, snap your selfies outdoors. Note that natural light that’s soft and diffused is always the best. –Adopted from Dailymail

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