China hospital denies link to baby-editing experiment

Beijing, Tuesday

The Chinese hospital linked to a controversial experiment purporting to have created the world’s first genetically-edited babies denied its involvement Tuesday.

Shenzhen Harmonicare Women and Children’s Hospital said in a statement it suspected the signature on a document approving the experiment was falsified.

It has also asked police to investigate. “We have always firmly opposed the development of genetic experiments that violate human ethics and morality,” the hospital said on its website.

The experiment, which was led by Chinese professor He Jiankui, altered the DNA of twin girls born a few weeks ago to prevent them from contracting HIV, and has prompted a heated debate among the scientific community.

Some warned that exposing healthy embryos and children to gene editing was irresponsible, while others denounced He’s experiment as premature and dangerous.

Chinese scientists and institutions have also criticised the experiment, with 100 scientists in China issuing a joint statement calling for better state legislation. – AFP

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