PSVs now directed to install tamper-proof speed limiters

Kinyuru Munuhe @kinyurumunuhe

Three State agencies have released guidelines that will see all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) and those weighing above  3,048 tonnes install tamper-proof speed limiters synchronised with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) servers.

NTSA, Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) and the State Department for Infrastructure said implementation of the revised speed limiting device standards KS 2295:2018 will take effect from December 1.

However, motor vehicle owners will be expected to upgrade their speed governors to the current standards by March 1.

The four months grace period will allow suppliers of the tamper-proof gadgets to apply for licensing to supply.

Chief Mechanical and Transport Engineer (CMTE) will represent the State Department for Infrastructure. “The revised speed limiter standard, KS 2295:2018, includes requirements that all speed limiters must undergo laboratory tests and meet certain performance and installation specifications. These requirements are available from NTSA, CMTE and Kebs,” NTSA director general Francis Meja said.

The implementation of the speed limiting devices standard regulation came into effect in April 2014 but have since been revised.

The revised requirements make it mandatory for all speed governor devices to transmit speed data to NTSA servers for real-time monitoring and curb manipulation. Currently, NTSA has no control over the gadgets installed making them prone to manipulation.

For prospective dealers to get approval to manufacture, import, install or in any way act as a  speed limiter supplier, the suppliers will be required to acquire a copy of the revised Standard, KS 2295:2018, a copy of the implementation guide and clearance certificate from NTSA.

“These documents can be obtained from NTSA, CMTE Engineer and Kebs. The speed limiters/governors shall only be sold by registered suppliers,” Kebs acting managing director Bernard Nguyo said.

As a control measure, authorised suppliers will be required to obtain a Standardisation Mark permit from Kebs and make an application for approval of the speed limiter to both NTSA and CTME. 

Meja said the compliance level of the public transport vehicles is over 85 per cent since the crackdown began.

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