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Kienyeji chicken feed introduced in Machakos

Bidco Land O’ Lakes, a subsidiary of Bidco Africa, has launched a four-phase feed for indigenous chickens.  Being the first of its kind in the market, the Bidco Kienyeji Feed is expected to transform the indigenous chicken-rearing sector, which only has a one-phase feed to cater for all the growing phases in chickens.

The products include Kienyeji Chick Mash, Kienyeji Growers Mash, Kienyeji Finisher Mash, and Kienyeji Layers Mash, each aimed at different stages of indigenous chicken development.

Speaking at Ikuuni Hotel in Machakos town during the launch, Bidco Land O’ Lakes CEO Herman Githinji expressed confidence that the product will fill a crucial gap in the rearing of barnyard fowls in Kenya. “Bidco Kienyeji Feed is here to ensure that farmers buy the right feed aimed at a specific life stage of a bird for indigenous breeds,” he said.

The chicken feed, whose ingredients are locally sourced is natural, in order to make the indigenous chickens maintain its taste, egg or meat colour and texture. It is expected to specifically cater for indigenous chicken, which makes up the majority of chicken consumed in Ukambani region. “The most recent poultry census in Kenya placed the number of chickens at 45 million.

Exotic breeds

Out of this, 34 million or 75 per cent are indigenous chicken,” Githinji said. “However, so much emphasis, interest and value have been placed on the exotic breeds with little attention to indigenous breeds,” he added.

Indigenous chicken farming has now shifted to become more commercial rather than just a hobby as it has been in many households. Githinji said this gap informed their decision to invest heavily in research and develop Bidco Kienyeji Feeds using American technology. 

Kienyeji Chick Mash is most appropriate for one-day-old to eight-week chicks; Kienyeji Growers Mash for birds eight to 20 weeks; and  Kienyeji Layers Mash is a complete feed for laying birds at the age of 20 weeks and above.

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