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The ‘I must marry this year’ plague… stay woke!

One day you meet this guy, then two weeks later he blows up your phone with messages of “Where you at lovey? And “Why don’t you answer the phone wifey?” Titles start checking in. The guy swears never to let you out of his sight.

He lives on deadlines. I must marry this year, by December 16th to be precise. Every girl that comes his way is a potential wife. Nyasuguta the bar maid from Keeigero club is no exception. So when he meets a smart, intelligent lady, he thinks he heard a voice assuring him she is the one. Oh now he attends church services, especially that day when the theme reads “2018, the year of marriage”. So he thinks this must be God working miracles. After two dates he goes, “Will you marry me?”

Lord gracious, a brother surely needs prayers! Men, if a woman is interested in you, you will know, believe me, you will. And if she is, please stop hounding her, it’s even worse when you let her in on your ‘by December deadline’. It creeps us out and you are completely screwed if it’s a strong woman that you are dealing with.

The average woman (this one does not even have a clue why) will only say ‘he keeps nudging me all the time’, while the strong woman will just know up-front what you’re up to. She smells desperation from a distance. And this is the exact type they want. They have expectations this (palm way over head) high, but rarely match up. They want a beauty with brains, independent wife who will play mum and wife, sometimes trophy wife perfectly. Yet he’s the very definition of woman eater, slay king and boy toy. No husband material fits him. He still wants to act 19 and get away with it. They want to be husbands, fathers, but totally not ready to man up for responsibilities and roles that comes with the title.

Some sweet nothings later, you malwedhe challenge your way to matrimonial this matrimonial that. Then what happens months into marriage? Guy goes back to his old ways. The boys, the tipple and young girls (wives are never young).  Stay woke this season, the slay kings are bust preying on their next conquest.

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