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How to cash in on school holidays

Hellen Njeri @PeopleDailyKE

Schools closing means more people in your homestead and higher bills to parents and guardians. However, this may also mean more opportunities. The closing of schools comes with more social activities, for example, children graduation ceremonies.

Between gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, and all sorts of commitments, many parents have very little time to get everything done. This means that they may need help with shopping, cooking or cleanup. Here are some of the ways one can make extra money on the side.

1. Deliver packed snacks

For many working mothers and overly pre-occupied parents, preparing a standard meal, leave alone creative and exciting snacks, is a mirage. Many parents plan for other activities but never get enough of leisure food covered by their house assistants and cooks.

You can cash in on this gap by linking up with expert and commercials chefs to provide the connection to this huge market. Research on common snacks, set up an online social page to promote your services and have someone develop interesting content to optimise the customer conversion rate. You can hire a food van for delivery with a regular schedule of every client on board.

2. Motor-skills tutoring

Experts say that fine-motor skills are key to a child’s development. Children without essential motor skills may suffer poor pencil grasp and pencil control, poor self-care skills (such as feeding themselves) and delayed drawing skills.

To acquire these skills a child needs more practise on activities such as paper/object cutting with scissors, pasting pictures on paper with glue, modelling with plasticine, clapping hands, buttoning and unbuttoning, working a zipper, building a tower of blocks, completing puzzles , beading, manipulating pencils and crayons well enough to color and draw and sorting out coloured objects.

Many pre-school programmes give too little or no attention at all to such activities. Providing the much needed conducive environment for such activities would help you raise some income and at the same time seal a gap in the society.

You do not need not to worry about space because you can utilise extra space in your home compound with the right accessory and decorations. Do prior arrangements with parents to restrict the number of children. Have arranged drop-off and pick-up times to avoid inconveniences.

3. Provide Shopping Services

Meat, milk and green groceries are some of the critical items for young families. Research on quality and reliable suppliers before linking up with the customers, negotiate prices so that you can include your markup.

You can also put up a web-page or a social media page where clients can get your contacts to order for these items. Ensure quality is maintained to ensure return business and even long-term relationships.

Always have someone to develop your content on the platform to increase customer conversion rate by including call-to-action or direct lines for customers to call.

Avoid goods from unauthorised suppliers that can lead to loss or legal problems. You can also supply dry cereals, rice and other household consumables which are consumed in larger quantities during holidays.

4. Providing Transport Services

To pre-occupy their children during school holidays, parents and guardians employ different talent-based learning programmes organised at different venues for school-going children. Some of the activities include music lessons, art (drawing, painting, dancing) and sports activities.

Most of these talent-based programmes do not come with transportation arrangements leaving parents with a huge responsibility to ensure safe transportation to-and-from the different venues. You can have a hired or personal car to do this task on behalf of the parents at a fee.

Have creative announcements for the services available on church notice boards and other social places around your ‘hood’ specifically targeted for parents. Ensure your selected car has the required authorisation to transport children. 

Offer services to children from one locale to avoid distance disparities and lower fuel costs. You can ‘hunt-down’ the business by linking up with the organisers of the talent-based programmes and have them incorporate transport services for you in their programs.

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