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Nganya crews cry foul

I understand that we are all safer with a transport system that innately cares and of course we must support that. However, there are other excesses that have no bearing on the safety of a Public Service Vehicle.

Stripping graffiti off matatus doesn’t help to make them safer. I think this move is undoing a lot of hard work put in by creative minds.

It’s a case of pointless whiplashing that will leave many jobless and wounding the matatu culture and the economy at large. Today’s world is one that is populated and with limited white-collar jobs.

The matatu industry has been trying to bridge this gap, offering employment to a good number of people. As we are speaking, a lot of nganyas are not on the road.

Some crews are complaining that they are still being harassed by cops who are taking advantage of the situation, despite complying with the stipulated Michuki Rules. Nganya 254 caught up with some of the matatu crews who feel unfairly targeted.

“The aftermath of the crackdown is ugly looking mathrees, but that’s beside the point. Most of us are not in operation because the police are tampering with our working process. We have done everything, but they are still coming for us,” said Brian  Obura, an industry player.

It should be that this crackdown is truly aimed at doing what’s right. Not a leeway for the traffic police to misuse their power in an unjust fashion. Brian, however, says there is more than meets the eye.

That the picture that’s being loudly paraded as that of ensuring safety measures are adhered to is not all that is. He says that they are going to take the high road and challenge this the right way.

“We have contacted lawyers to seek clarification on the traffic act and rules. We want a fair and just system of governance,” he said.

Meanwhile, we anticipate the return of nganyas and some may not be what we used to know. I had a look at some of them and they looked so naked and ghostly without the vibrancy of colour as afforded by graffiti.

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