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Classy Panther

Waziir Kakooza

Clearing Forwarding and event management

Panther Kallista 1984

How did you get this car?

It’s an interesting car in that it was built in three countries. The body was assembled in England, the interior in Turkey and the engine is a Ford unit from America, it’s a 2.8 litre V6 and very powerful for a car this size.

It was originally sold new in America but later sold to someone in Japan. After that, it was deregistered and I finally bought it from an auction site in Japan and had it shipped over.

What do you love about it?

I’m an events manager and one day I was googling the most beautiful wedding pictures in the world to improve my services and the panther Kallista was at the very top of the list for wedding photography cars.

It was then that I decided that if it were so popular across the globe then it would do well in Uganda. Which it has, every weekend it is being hired out for weddings.

Apart from the business side, I love it because it is strictly a two-seater and with such an open top sports car, you don’t carry a man.

This is a car strictly for driving with a pretty lady beside you and even if I see a man I know I will not give them a lift and they will have to understand.

Any drawbacks?

Some people sometimes ask what happens when it starts raining, as it doesn’t even have a folding roof. To that, I reply that swagger is not dictated by the weather. In this car, you look cool even in a thunderstorm.

Mechanically I also have nothing to complain about, as I said, the car is out every weekend and so far no breakdowns at all.

I simply service it when it’s due and it goes on. I’m especially proud of the fact that the engine has never been rebuilt since it was built in America. So downsides? None at all!

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