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Earl TC — rapper

Which is your latest gadget?

JBL T205BT Bluetooth earphones.

How do they help you as an artiste?

Well, I found a good quality gadget to listen to music on the go. Just wrote a verse for a producer of mine called BigBoi using them and it was just so instrumental.

What do you love about them?

In terms of quality, the mids and highs are awesomely good. So vocals and melodies shine. And of course, the fact that it’s wireless makes it comfortable to move around with.

The gadget you can’t trade for anything?

None to be honest. I’d be holding myself back. I’m always up for an upgrade.

What’s your worst gadget ever and why?

I once owned a fake China clone of a Nokia N series. But that was way back as a kid. I was a Facebook junkie, but that junk of a phone couldn’t even connect to the Internet! It probably needed some manual tuning…Haha.

Which is your most expensive gadget and how much did it cost?

Beats Studio Wireless. It retails at Sh35,000. One of my guys, who believes in me even more than I do most of the times, ‘motivated’ me with it. I’d lead him astray and he would faithfully follow. Good lad!

Which gadget do you use the most and why?

The new wireless JBL earphones since most of the times I’m on the move with work. So convenient and I’d highly recommend them.

Which app do you use most on your phone and why?

WhatsApp. It’s just communication on a comprehensive level. Voice and video calls, pictures, music, recordings, voice notes, I mean what doesn’t it cover?

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I’d be a portable speaker with pristine clarity, good battery and a thumping bass. I’d entertain you anywhere all day. I’d be awesome.

The gadget you can’t live without and why.

It has to be a phone. I’m on this device all day every day. Communication is everything.

If you were to upgrade one of your gadgets, what would you opt for and why?

I’d get the new AKG N700 headphones. That’s just a game changer in terms of sound. I’d upgrade the Beats Studio with it.

Do you look for brands or output while shopping for gadgets?

Output any day. There’s a lot of good brands out there, and in this life, you have to be flexible. Facts change.

The gadget you always wish you had?

The latest Sony Walkman. My five-year-old one has gotten too old that it recently went blind. Luckily, I’ve mastered every function to a fault. I don’t need visual aids to operate it. It’s been speaking Chinese this whole relationship.

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